1. How much are your machines and can you send me a price list ?

Hire rates are available on request, specific jobs can be assessed individually and quoted on, based on the job and machinery required.

2. Where do you work ?

We cover all parts of South East Queensland from Sunshine Coast to Tweed Heads and from Gatton to Redland Bay. No job is too big

or small so we will travel to where the work is.

3. What sort of machine do I need ?

We have a vast range of machines with all different sizes and weights, so ring the office with the dimensions of your block and you will be

advised by the experienced staff on what machine to use.

4. How long will it take to do the job ?

All jobs are different. We offer a free quotation service to come out and look at the job and give you a estimate of the cost involved.

5. Do you work nights/weekends ?

Yes, we do work weekends and nights.

6. Can you cart rubbish to the tip ?

Yes, we have a range of tip trucks to cart any rubbish to the tip or cart excess fill away from the job.

7. Can you provide gravel/roadbase from the quarries ?

Yes, we can pick up any materials from the quarry and deliver to your job as requested from the customer.

8. Do you dig swimming pools ?

Yes, we have dug all types of swimming pools and have lots of experience in that field.

9. Do you have a rockbreaker attachment ?

Yes, we have rockbreaker attachments to break up any concrete/rock. We also have a variety of post hole borers to drill holes down to 6 meters.

10. What size augers do you have to drill holes ?

We have a vast range of auger sizes ranging from 150mm, 300mm, 350mm, 450mm, 600mm, 750mm to drill whatever size you need.


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